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Indian-origin scientist Joyeeta Gupta has been awarded the Spinoza Prize, the highest honor in Dutch science, often referred to as the “Dutch Nobel Prize,” according to a statement.

The University of Amsterdam announced that Gupta was recognized for her exceptional, groundbreaking, and inspiring scientific contributions focused on creating a fair and sustainable world.

Gupta will receive 1.5 million euros for scientific research and knowledge utilization activities. The official award ceremony is scheduled for October 4.

As a professor of Environment and Development in the Global South at the University of Amsterdam and co-chair of the Earth Commission, Gupta intends to use the prize money to advance the concepts she introduced in her 2014 inaugural lecture, particularly regarding the global sharing of environmental resources.

This vision necessitates the establishment of a global environmental constitution to ensure equitable protection of environmental conditions worldwide through constitutional law, bridging global environmental and developmental concerns.

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