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Recent violence incidents have claimed at least six lives in the past two days, sparking reactions from political leaders across party lines. State government officials are suggesting a conspiracy behind the violence, while opposition parties are blaming the BJP-JJP alliance for the breakdown in law and order.

Haryana Chief Minister has promised strict action against the culprits, denouncing the violence as an unfortunate incident. He mentioned a Yatra where some people conspired to attack Yatris and police, indicating a larger conspiracy at play.

Similarly, expressed concerns about the communal tension in Nuh and Gurgaon, pointing to evidence of a mastermind behind the violence with stones, weapons, and bullets found at the scenes.

Currently, Nuh police have arrested 116 individuals and filed 44 FIRs. Educational institutions will remain closed until further notice, with 14 police companies deployed to prevent further incidents.

Despite these measures, leaders from various parties have criticized the ruling parties for the clashes during the &Brij Mandal Jalabhishek Yatra& in Nuh and subsequent disturbances in sensitive areas of Haryana.

The CPI(M) strongly condemned the communal violence, blaming the state government for its inadequate response to the situation.

Meanwhile, Congress leader Kapil Sibal criticized the ruling party for promoting a &politics of hate& that has led to violent incidents in different parts of the country.

Shiv Sena MP Priyanka Chaturvedi called out the government for intelligence failures in both Manipur and Haryana, questioning why such situations are occurring under BJP leadership.

Among the victims of the violence were two home guards, a naib imam, a rally participant, a store owner, and an individual who succumbed to injuries sustained during clashes.

Gurgaon MP and Union Minister of State Rao Inderjit Singh suggested that provocation from both sides led to the violence in Nuh, criticizing the presence of swords and sticks in a religious procession.

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