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The Supreme Court expressed appreciation for the ongoing rescue efforts on Friday, while also voicing concern for the anxiety of students stranded in the war zone. The Chief Justice of India, N V Ramana, suggested the Centre consider establishing an online helpline for parents and families of those stranded. He conveyed his disappointment over the situation, stating, “It’s unfortunate we haven’t learned from past situations of wars, etc. We don’t have much say in this, but the anxiety is about students.”

The bench, consisting of Chief Justice N V Ramana and Justices A S Bopanna and Hima Kohli, advised Attorney General K K Venugopal to consider setting up an online helpline for parents to stay informed about their stranded children. The court mentioned that some state governments are already taking steps to contact and assist stranded students.

Leaving the decision to the government, the bench said, “You work out something, we won’t pass any orders. We will keep the matter.” Venugopal assured the court that the government is as concerned as the court about the students.

The court also inquired about the number of Indians stranded in the conflict area, to which the A-G responded, “This morning’s news said about 7000.” He also mentioned that the Prime Minister had a meeting with Cabinet Ministers to pursue further evacuation.

The A-G urged the bench to leave the issue to the government, expressing concern about more petitions being filed. In response, the CJI advised informing state High Courts that the matter is being heard by the Supreme Court and that there is no need for every High Court to entertain and grant directions.

The A-G agreed to ensure this.

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