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India has stated that the rights of the people in China’s Xinjiang autonomous region should be “respected and guaranteed.” This statement is seen as India’s first clear comment on the situation in the neighboring country. The remarks came a day after a call for a debate on human rights concerns in Xinjiang.

Arindam Bagchi, spokesperson for the Ministry of External Affairs, emphasized the importance of respecting and guaranteeing the human rights of the people in Xinjiang. He urged the relevant parties to address the situation objectively and properly.

Regarding India’s abstention, Bagchi explained that it aligns with India’s longstanding foreign policy practice of not voting on country-specific resolutions. He emphasized India’s commitment to upholding all human rights and stressed the need for dialogue to address such issues.

Bagchi noted India’s awareness of the UN Office of the High Commissioner on Human Rights’ assessment of human rights concerns in Xinjiang. He also highlighted that the situation in eastern Ladakh has not fully returned to normalcy, as certain steps still need to be taken.

India has been advocating for disengagement and de-escalation to restore normalcy on the border with China. Bagchi emphasized the importance of these steps in fostering normal ties between the two countries.

On other matters, Bagchi mentioned the deaths of six Indian prisoners in Pakistan over the past nine months, despite completing their sentences. India has raised this alarming issue with Islamabad. Additionally, India has expressed objections to the US over the American Ambassador’s recent visit to Pakistan-occupied Kashmir.

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