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During a conversation, 23-year-old Shivakanya pauses to answer a call from her sister Kushi, who is in Sudan with her husband Bharat. Kushi’s distress is evident as she describes the dire situation in Khartoum, where they are stranded without food or water, surrounded by violence. Shivakanya, sitting at her home in Pakshirajapura, shares the harrowing details.

Newlyweds Khushi and Bharat, along with others from the Hakki Pikki tribe, have been stuck in Sudan for a week. The situation escalated when former Karnataka Chief Minister and External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar clashed on Twitter over rescue efforts. Meanwhile, Kranthi, also from the tribe, worries about her family members facing similar challenges in Khartoum.

The Hakki Pikki tribe, known for traditional bird catching and hunting, has faced displacement and challenges in adapting to new ways of life. Despite this, they have found success in selling herbal oils and products, especially in African markets. Swamy, a tribal leader, highlights the community’s journey and struggles.

Videos from community members in Sudan depict the hardships they face, including shortages and ongoing violence. The lack of government intervention adds to their despair. The village of Pakshirajapura, predominantly inhabited by the Hakki Pikki tribe, reflects a blend of tradition and modernity.

Education remains a concern in the village, with limited access beyond primary school. Swamy hopes for better opportunities for the youth. Despite the challenges, the community’s business ventures abroad have brought prosperity, albeit with risks and uncertainties.

As the community navigates the current crisis in Sudan, they recall past challenges faced in African nations. Swamy emphasizes the importance of understanding the community’s journey and struggles in foreign lands. Despite past successes, some members, like Samsayi, have chosen to stay back and prioritize family and home.

For Shivakanya and her family, the allure of the African dream has faded, replaced by a longing for safety and security. As she awaits her sister and brother-in-law’s return, the uncertainty and fear weigh heavily on her mind.

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