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The Calcutta High Court has ordered the Enforcement Directorate to replace officer Mithilesh Kumar Mishra in the investigation of West Bengal’s school jobs scam. The court directed the Enforcement Directorate’s director to reassign Mishra’s work to another competent officer, as Mishra’s responses to the court’s questions were deemed unsatisfactory during the previous hearing.

During the hearing, Justice Amrita Sinha expressed dissatisfaction with Mishra’s answers and concluded that he is not competent to handle the significant case. Mishra will be relieved from the investigation in West Bengal and may be assigned to other cases. The court emphasized the need for a competent officer to handle the current case.

ED counsel Dhiraj Trivedi raised concerns about the agency’s officers’ identities and report contents being exposed during live court proceedings, potentially affecting the investigation. Justice Sinha then instructed the ED to submit a comprehensive report by October 10.

The bench had previously criticized the ED for an incomplete report on Abhishek Banerjee’s assets, questioning the accuracy of the information provided. Justice Sinha highlighted discrepancies in the information presented and demanded a detailed list of Banerjee’s assets, bank accounts, and financial records from the ED.

The court expressed disappointment with the investigation’s progress and requested a detailed report on the assets and financial activities of Abhishek Banerjee and his mother Lata Banerjee, as well as a report on the ED’s investigation conduct.

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