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The Army and Assam Rifles personnel deployed in Manipur have rescued approximately 24,000 civilians from various districts, aiding civil authorities in controlling the law and order situation. Security sources report that around 9,500 Meiteis and 10,000 from the Kuki community have been rescued and are staying together in boarding facilities within company operating bases and military garrisons.

Nearly 125 columns of Army and Assam Rifles have been sent to Manipur since the outbreak of violence last week, marking a significant deployment of security forces in a single state outside of Jammu and Kashmir. The majority of residents have been evacuated from Churachandpur and Imphal, the worst-affected areas in the violence.

Troops are escorting people between Moreh and Imphal, contributing to the calming of tensions. The Army and Assam Rifles are conducting flag marches and area domination patrols to maintain law and order. Additional special forces have been deployed at the sensitive India-Myanmar border.

Helpline numbers have been established to provide assistance to veterans, serving soldiers, and civilians. The Nagaland government and the Assam Rifles have escorted hundreds of people from Manipur to Nagaland, with more evacuations ongoing. Other state governments are also evacuating their citizens from the violence-hit areas in Manipur.

The deployment of aviation assets, including Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and helicopters, has significantly enhanced surveillance in Manipur. This has strengthened the effectiveness of the Army and Assam Rifles, particularly in the hinterland and along the India-Myanmar Border, to prevent any misadventure attempts by insurgent groups.

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