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The Ministry of Civil Aviation has lifted restrictions on the number of flights between India and Ukraine under the bilateral air bubble agreement to help Indians travel from Ukraine, as stated by a senior official. Amid the current situation due to escalating tensions with Russia, India has advised its citizens. Indian carriers have been instructed to increase flights to Ukraine to meet the growing demand, with the Ministry coordinating with the Ministry of External Affairs on flight services. The Indian embassy in Kyiv announced plans for additional flights to address the surge in demand. Students are urged not to panic but to book the earliest available flights to India. Ukrainian International Airlines, Air Arabia, Fly Dubai, and Qatar Airways are currently operating flights from Ukraine. Plans for more flights, including those by Ukrainian International Airlines and Air India, are in the works. The embassy recommended Indian citizens, especially students, to temporarily leave Ukraine due to the current uncertainties. Under the air bubble agreement, international flights can be operated between two countries subject to specific conditions. India currently has air bubble agreements with 35 countries, as scheduled international commercial passenger flights to and from India have been suspended since March 23, 2020.

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