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In response to the recent events in Sri Lanka, India expressed its solidarity with the people of Sri Lanka in their pursuit of prosperity and progress through democratic means, established institutions, and a constitutional framework. The emphasis on democratic processes, institutions, and the Constitution was in light of the popular protests that occurred on Saturday, with Sunday being reported as calmer in Colombo. The Ministry of External Affairs spokesperson, Arindam Bagchi, highlighted the deep civilizational bonds shared between India and Sri Lanka and acknowledged the challenges faced by the Sri Lankan people. India has provided significant economic support to Sri Lanka this year as part of its Neighbourhood First policy. The Indian High Commission in Colombo confirmed that High Commissioner Gopal Baglay met with the Sri Lankan Agriculture minister to discuss support for the country, including the recent supply of urea under a credit line from India. Amidst the unrest in Colombo, India is monitoring the situation closely and engaging with the political leadership to support the people of Sri Lanka. India is cautious about the potential leadership vacuum in Sri Lanka and is focused on maintaining stability and security in the region.

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