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India and Russia have agreed to provide training for Indian seafarers in polar and arctic waters at a Russian port in the far east. The two countries also discussed expanding maritime cooperation, including utilizing new transport routes like the Northern Sea Route and the Eastern Maritime Corridor.

The discussions on maritime cooperation took place between Union Ports, Shipping, and Waters Minister Sarbananda Sonowal and the Russian Minister for the Development of the Far East and the Arctic, A O Chekunkov. They discussed a wide range of maritime communication topics, including the Northern Sea Route and the Eastern Maritime Corridor.

Both countries have agreed to train Indian seafarers in Polar and Arctic waters at the Russian Maritime Training Institute in Vladivostok. Minister Sonowal emphasized the historical relationship between Russia and India, based on mutual respect and shared interests.

Sonowal also mentioned a recent visit to Russian ports in 2023, which provided valuable insights for the operationalization of the Eastern Maritime Corridor. The proposed workshop in Chennai will further discuss this corridor’s activation, focusing on commodities like coking coal, oil, and liquefied natural gas.

Russian Minister Chekunkov highlighted the discussions on maritime communications and the potential use of the Northern Sea Route. He expressed the importance of strengthening the partnership with India, especially in the Far East region.

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