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Fifteen Congress MLAs in Uttarakhand Assembly were suspended for one day after causing a disturbance over Speaker Ritu Khanduri’s rejection of a breach of privilege motion by the Opposition on Tuesday.

Upset by the Speaker’s decision, the MLAs rushed towards her chair and caused chaos, with two of them climbing onto the Assembly Secretary’s table, tearing up the Assembly rulebook, and chanting slogans against the government.

Earlier in the day, Congress MLA Adesh Singh Chauhan brought a privilege motion against the Udham Singh Nagar SSP, but the Speaker dismissed it based on a report from the state government.

The second day of the session started with the Opposition Congress requesting a discussion under Rule 310 on unemployment and the police using force on students protesting in Dehradun on February 9. Speaker Khanduri agreed to a hearing under Rule 58 and proceeded with Question Hour.

State chief Mahendra Bhatt criticized the Congress MLAs for their disruptive behavior, stating that such actions in the House are unacceptable. He emphasized that the House is meant for discussing public issues, and the Congress should not shy away from its role as a responsible opposition.

State Congress president Karan Mahara condemned the suspension of party MLAs as undemocratic and called for its immediate reversal, denouncing the BJP’s authoritarian nature that goes against democratic principles.

Mahara also criticized the Governor, Lt. Gen. Gurmit Singh, for favoring the government during the session, stating that his actions were beneath the dignity of his constitutional position.

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