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The 17-year-old who worked as a domestic helper in Gurugram for five months endured severe cruelty, including beatings with sticks, ropes, and hot iron tongs, burns from lit matchsticks and hot tongs, and cuts on her arms and lips with blades as punishment for mistakes. Her employers were fired from their jobs after the abuse was discovered. Fortunately, a neighbor noticed bloodstains on her clothes in February, leading to her rescue. Although physically healed, the mental scars remain. Another tragic incident involved a 15-year-old girl from the same district who died by suicide in Delhi after being trafficked and forced to work without pay. A 16-year-old girl, missing for three years, was found pregnant after being trafficked to Delhi and allegedly raped. Despite the lack of official trafficking statistics in Simdega district, an anti-human trafficking unit has reported around 11-12 cases annually in recent years. In many cases, parents are complicit in sending their children away, making it difficult to track and report incidents of trafficking. The investigations revealed that the 16-year-old girl was lured from her village, raped in Delhi, and returned home pregnant. Her family rejected the accused’s attempts at a compromise. The village residents received a warning against middlemen from a local MLA, highlighting government schemes for tribal communities. The 15-year-old’s father spoke about her sudden disappearance and the lack of police complaint. The village, primarily engaged in agriculture, was shocked by the tragic events. The Delhi Police conducted investigations in the village, linking four individuals to trafficking and suicide abetment charges. Two suspects remain at large. The local police were not informed of the girl’s disappearance, highlighting the challenges faced in such cases. Efforts were made to bring the girl’s body back for a proper burial in the village. Despite financial constraints, the girl was buried in a Christian graveyard with the help of an NGO. The father expressed his desire to honor his daughter’s dignity after her tragic death. The 17-year-old survivor, now back in her village, reflects on her traumatic experiences in Gurugram and the simple joys of being home. She finds solace in daily chores and dreams of a future in Jharkhand, avoiding any thoughts of returning to Delhi. She shares her story with her sister in Delhi, who is treated well by her employers and supports their family financially.

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