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West Bengal had the highest number of fake news cases on social media in 2021, accounting for a quarter of such cases nationwide, according to NCRB data. Specifically, West Bengal reported 43 cases, with 28 of them in Kolkata, as per NCRB data.

The state witnessed a fierce electoral battle in 2021 between the ruling Trinamool Congress and the opposition, with both sides extensively using social media to reach out to voters.

Professor Chattopadhyay from Jadavpur University expressed concern over the unethical use of social media in political campaigns, calling for a stronger ethical framework to address the issue.

West Bengal led with 43 cases, followed by Telangana with 34 and Uttar Pradesh with 24 cases, out of a total of 179 cases reported in India.

The Trinamool Congress and the BJP traded blame over the rise of fake news in West Bengal, with TMC alleging that BJP’s rise in the state led to an increase in fake news.

The CPI(M) accused both TMC and BJP of contributing to the problem, emphasizing the importance of ethical journalism practices.

Snehashish Sur, president of the Kolkata Press Club, stressed the importance of journalists verifying information multiple times before publishing a story, and highlighted the use of new technologies like reverse image search.

Various efforts are being made to educate journalists, especially seniors, on using these tools effectively.

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