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Former United States Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, visited Lokmanya Tilak Baug in Ahmedabad on Sunday. She paid tribute to Elaben, the founder of the garden, formerly known as Victoria Garden.

During her visit, Clinton stood at a memorial shaped like an open book made of red sandstone, near a banyan tree planted by Elaben in 2022. She commended the efforts of those involved in creating this memorial to uplift hardworking women in India and around the world.

Expressing her gratitude, Clinton recalled her friendship with Elaben and her visit to her home a few years ago. She was pleased to see the important leader being recognized in her hometown, where she was born, worked, and made a lasting impact.

City mayor Kirit Parmar, director of Torrent Power Varun Mehta, and SEWA members were also present during the visit.

Varun Mehta praised Elaben’s work in uplifting women in need and expressed gratitude for being associated with the development at Lokmanya Tilak Baug.

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