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The Army is looking to purchase 170 Armored Recovery Vehicles on tracked platforms to operate in deserts, plains, high-altitude, and mountainous terrains along the country’s western borders and in eastern Ladakh or north Sikkim. Currently, the Army uses BEML-built vehicles based on Russian-made T-72 tank hulls to assist in repairing and recovering its armored fighting vehicles during hostile conditions. Armored Recovery Vehicles are crucial for the success of all armored operations and hold high tactical and logistical importance, according to officials. The induction of higher mobility and heavier platforms like T-90s and Arjun tanks makes it essential to introduce recovery vehicles with matching mobility and repair capabilities for all mechanized formations. In a Request for Information published on Tuesday, the Army specified that the vehicles should have adequate cross-country mobility and protection, and be capable of carrying six people including the driver and commander. Additionally, the vehicles should be equipped with utility tools such as a crane, winches, and special maintenance tools to fulfill various repair and recovery roles.

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