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Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury, the Congress leader in Lok Sabha, sent a letter to Speaker Om Birla on Thursday, requesting that the list of unparliamentary words issued by the Secretariat be suspended. He proposed that a final list be created in collaboration with all political parties.

Chowdhury pointed out that the current list includes words such as “ashamed”, “abused”, “betrayed”, “corrupt”, “drama”, “hypocrisy”, and “incompetent”. He expressed concern that removing these words from general use would diminish the essence and impact of expression. He also suggested that the Lok Sabha Secretariat should have provided substitutes for the banned words to facilitate their replacement.

In his letter, Chowdhury emphasized that such a “sensitive matter” should have been discussed in the Rules Committee, where all political parties are represented. He noted that none of the parties had been consulted on the issue. He concluded by urging the Speaker to suspend the latest list of unparliamentary words and to work on a final list in consultation with all political parties.

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