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Varsha Mishra has regained her hearing after receiving a cochlear implant in one of her ears, performed free of charge by the Chhattisgarh government on the instructions of Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel. Varsha’s father, Mukesh Mishra, met with the chief minister during the ‘Bhet Mulakat’ public meet last year to seek help for his seven-year-old daughter from the Korea district, who was born deaf and mute.

Mukesh, a 36-year-old general store owner with a limited education, had previously sought treatment for Varsha when she was one year old, but was unable to afford the high costs at a hospital in Tamil Nadu. Despite the doctors’ recommendation for a hearing aid and immediate surgery, the family was unable to pursue further treatment due to financial constraints.

After years of saving and seeking donations, Mukesh found hope when he met Kuldeep Sharma, the former collector of Korea, who advised him to meet the chief minister during the ‘Bhet Mulakat’ session. Baghel promised to ensure Varsha’s operation, despite initial hesitation from doctors at AIIMS Hospital due to her age. Grateful for the intervention, Mukesh expressed his gratitude to the chief minister and the former collector, pledging to do anything for his daughter’s well-being.

Varsha’s mother, Jyoti, reported that her daughter can now hear sounds following the successful operation on June 16. However, the family now faces the challenge of affording regular speech therapy for Varsha, which will cost Rs 20,000 per month, as they plan to shift to . Dr. Hansa Banjara, head of the ENT department at Mekahara government hospital in Raipur city, emphasized the importance of conducting such operations at an early age, and highlighted the government’s efforts to provide free implants for residents in government hospitals.

Overall, the family is deeply grateful for the government’s support in providing the necessary medical treatment for Varsha, and is committed to ensuring her continued progress and well-being.

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